Hello from a 14 year old from ND


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Mar 24, 2013
Dickinson ND
Hey guys, i am a 14 year old from SW ND and i have been reloading for two years, i learned from my uncle, and the members on longrangehunting.com taught me how to improve my reloads. I have done some shooting at 1800 yards with my 338 Lapua and 280 grain Barnes LRX bullets with reasonable success. I am not a competitive shooter but a die hard hunter who would like to get into 1000 yard f-class. My longest kill is on 2 antelope does at 486 yards with my Dad's 338 Lapua. I will be getting a semi custom 284 win back from the smith in about a week and a half (smith is Nate Dagely from Straight Shot Gunsmithing in Center, ND). I have hunted elk all the years i have been old enough and I got my first one this year (a cow) at 378 yards. I have hunted Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana. My Dad and I go elk and antelope hunting every year. Glad to be a member of the Hide and look forward to learning a thing or two from you guys!!