hello from phoenix


Apr 4, 2022
Phoenix AZ
Hi there, after having some fun shooting my 308 AR-10 at the ben avery steel range i'm interested in learning to shoot long range "for real".

A bit of frantic googling and reading in this forum and i've ordered myself a beginners rig:
tikka ctr in 6.5 creed, atlas bipod, heathen muzzle brake, rear bag, and a shooting mat. I already have a nightforce atacr scope i can move to this rifle.

step 1 will be just finding a good place for shooting prone and learning the basics. i'm a casual shooter at best today so steep learning curve expected.
seems like between Ben Avery, Cowtown, and BLM land, should be able to figure something out. also planning to do some training and maybe meet some more experienced shooters to learn from.

projects for later: reloading, looking into fancier housings / chassis / whatever. but, first need to learn to shoot a bit.