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Help – Prep Milt Match Brass


Full Member
Feb 4, 2006
Houston, TX
I have a lot of once fired LC Match brass. This is mostly 70 & 80 vintage. And thanks, I am not looking to get rid of the brass.

Trying to get a few hundred prepped for my Patriot hunter.

Using Redding S bushing die to resize, I can’t get consistent headspace on the brass. Some end up .002/003 over and some .002/004 under what I am trying to set. Checking on both a Hornady Lock & Load and RCDS precision mic to check cases.

Measuring the cases before sizing, they vary +/- .002-.005.

Any tips on resizing military match brass?

Re: Help – Prep Milt Match Brass

I full length size all of mine the same way, and then fire form them.
you are getting different headspace measurements either because
1: fired from different rifle's
2: die is not set up rght.
Also you have to remember LC MAtch brass was designed for M1A's or semi autos, that might be the cause of the headspace issue's.
Other than that I treat it all the same, prep them load them and shoot them.
Re: Help – Prep Milt Match Brass

I am assuming LC 5.56 brass.

You will find a lot of it has been fired from machine guns or weapons with generaous chambers. When FL sized it is difficule to get the shoulder in the right position.

In my reloading regemen, I measure case shoulder position after they are resized. If the case has grown longer, I relube the case and take it through a second pass. Some of these cases are very hard and take several tries to get put into spec. Once you get them into spec, they don't tend to stand out on subsequent cycles. {If the case is more than 0.003 short it does not get loaded.}

I have a lot of this stuff (BH Blue Box) so I don't sweat it if a few cases don't complete the reload cycle.
Re: Help – Prep Milt Match Brass

If it hasn't been, it needs to be FL resized and fireformed to your chamber, before you can set the headspace to the 0.001".