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Help me be informed..


Pew Tang Clan
Full Member
I am fairly new to the idea of building a rifle to suit personal tastes and need. I have done a couple of Remage builds and one Savage. I have to say I'm somewhat addicted to working the multitude of combinations in my head.
In fact I am now considering one of the upscale custom actions. I must admit though I am not very well informed. Most of what i do know I learned here.
If I were to do a build these are the things I would find desirable.
Sturdy but not overly heavy
Remington footprint / Trigger
Remington / Savage barrel thread.
I understand shouldered prefit ..but I personally find the barrel nut system more to my liking.
Easy swap bolt heads.
Price of $1000 ish or less.
I have looked at and consider these the contenders ( please add names that might work)
Bighorn Origin
Defiance Tenacity
New Aero bolt action
Mack Bros.
I would probably go with a long action and on shorter calibers just single feed.
I would have multiple barrels.
So help me out with ideas..??
ARC nucleus should be on your list.
Origin does barrel nuts and Bugholes (Southern Precision has a barrel nut system--the "Bugnut"). Looks like the ARC Nucleus (above) also has the Barrel Nut. Origin has swapable bolt heads as well. I don't mean to downplay the ARC, I know less about it. I think either would do you well.
Take a look at Stiller actions, many rem clone actions but built better. For barrels I have used PacNor many times, they will add a barrel nut if you wish, fluting, threading etc...
I went for my monthly haircut today and when I get done I wandered into the LGS at the corner.
They happened to have a new in the box bighorn action. I have to say it is very impressive.
I would like to fondle some of the actions on my list before I make a move especially for the money involved.