SOLD HK VP9L OR, Model 81000592 - NIB


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Sep 10, 2017
Greater Seattle Area
In trying to make sure I got one of these, I ended up with 2. Don't need both so putting one up for sale. Not looking for the jacked up $1400+ GunBroker pricing, just looking to get my money out of it. I'm in for $1075 after all taxes & fees, so that's my selling price + buyer pays actual shipping costs. I have an FFL I can ship through using USPS Flat rate and my ffl quotes $65 for shipping Priority Mail with full insurance and including his fees. So we're looking at $1140 shipped.

Payment via Zelle preferred. Also will accept USPS Money Order. Face to face sales in Kirkland, WA area also work for me as I have an FFL still doing private party transfers.

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