Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller Usage Questions


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Dec 13, 2008
San Ramon, CA
I just received a Hornady Cam-Lock bullet puller and tried using it in my Forster Co-Ax press with 223 Remington rounds. I am probably doing something wrong, but need some assistance.

How does one ensure the cartridge is raised just far enough into the collet, but not so far where the case is grabbed? I have the collet adjusted so that when the cartridge is stopped when the case edge (top of neck) hits the outside of the collet. Still, on one case, I managed to mash the neck edge. I find myself peering up into the puller to try and get the cartridge exactly positioned while I pull the puller lever. Impossible and would take forever. On another note, are you supposed to crank the Hornady tool handle all the way down?

I got a couple of bullets out, but they are resistant. These rounds have a canneleure on the bullet, would that make them harder to pull out? Are you supposed to crank the Hornady tool handle all the way down?

Also, the tool IS awkward with the Forster press handle. If the case was taller, the handle would not come down so far, interfering with the handle, but it tends to do this with the smallish 223 Remington. This is with the die screwed down all the way, so as to keep the press handle up and out of the way of puller lever.

Would appreciate any guidance.

- Phil


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May 27, 2007
Arlington, TX
Re: Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller Usage Questions

I've used mine to pull cast 45 colt bullets without any problem on my co-ax, and that's a lot shorter than 223. I adjust the collet with the puller handle at about 45 degrees such that the case mouth won't go up into the collet. Works great for me. Bringing the puller handle all the way is usually necessary, but I'm not starting out with it vertical either. It also gives more clearance for the co-ax handle.