Howdy from East Texas


Nov 27, 2017
Texas LEO checking in...

I'm here to learn more about precision shooting, while gearing up for sniper school.

I'm playing around with a Rem 700 AAC-SD.


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Feb 17, 2017
Dad was from Longview; I went to school in Nacogdoches, wife is from Elkhart. Married in Palestine. Friends from Alto, Centerville, Tyler, Marshall, Kirbyville, Buffalo (does that count?), Lufkin, New Caney, and others I can't remember. We once owned 50 acres north of Coldspring, but sold it, and it turned out to be on the lakeshore. I used to ride my motorcycle down the highway through Teneha, Tampa, Bobo, and Blair. Seriously. Did I mention that I love East Texas? A lot of Conroe and Montgomery County Sheriff employees train/qualify at Shooters Station west of Conroe on 105. I'm usually there, since I'm retired, and I used to shoot Highpower and F-class, but my back keeps me from shooting prone, so I just putter around with my rifles, and punch holes in paper. BTW, the gunsmiths at Shooters Station are as good as they get, and it's a very friendly place, if you're close enough. I certainly appreciate your work, and wish you the very best with your precision shooting.