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Heidi the coonass gf picked it up yesterday at Blockbuster.

It's a Tommy Lee Jones murder mystery kinda thing, set in the swamps of Louisianna. Has John Goodman in it, who I love. (And, who has a house in NOLA)

The movie was good, Jones doesnt try for a Cajun accent - thank gosh.

Overall the movie was good. Had a couple of things that were confusing, but I would imagine they were explained better in the book and just didnt come off as well on screen.

The only real downside was, as Heidi said, you could tell they hired a bunch of local actors to get the accents and speech patterns correct. Problem was, the local actors may be fluent in swamp talk, but they cant act worth a darn.


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Re: In The Electric Mist

I watched this tonight and loved it...sort of a strange sequel for Jones to No Country for old Men...Jones plays the same character, drives the same truck, carries the same .45 and the same leather rig...