Inter-Ordnance U.S. made AK47 or STG2000

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Nov 18, 2007
A guy at work bought one and wanted me to check it out. I have a Saiga 12 that I converted to side fold with a pistol grip, and was comparing materials and workmanship on these two guns. The STG 2000 seems really light and the furniture is a little flimsy. He hasn't shot it yet and is really disappointed with the handguard setup, which is the weakest point, cosmetically, on the rifle. It is a proprietary design that is not interchangeable with standard AK handguards, and worse, has a non standard handguard retainer that is dogshit at best. I found a lower retainer, & I've been searching my balls off for some AK handguards that include the upper handguard retainer, but can't find it. Does he need to buy a whole new gas tube?


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Sep 14, 2008
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Re: Inter-Ordnance U.S. made AK47 or STG2000

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I'm guessing that there's not too many AK aficionados on a forum dedicated to long range tactical shooting. Personally, I love the AK, though I've only owned a pre-ban poly-tech, and ended up selling it for beer money in college (oh GOD how I regret that!!)

Any who, I can't answer your question, specifically, but from my limited experience with the AK, I'd say you'd be best served by buying a whole new gas tube. I don't think they're all that pricey.

As an aside, I picked up an Olympic M4-gery, and threw on a custom built upper, RRA trigger, Aimpoint M2, Surefire, and a rail mounted stud for a versa-pod . . . after shooting that, I don't really have too much of a desire to fork over $2400 for another Poly-tech. Though I'd consider a knock-off for less than $400 . . .