Firearms Jagerwerks Glock 34


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Dec 26, 2018
Northern Michigan
Glock 34 Gen 4

Jagerworks slide milling
o downrange cut
o bob cut
o SRO cut
o Black Nitride

Zev grip work (?, that’s what I was told when I bought it, don’t have receipts to confirm, but it is very clean work)

Timney alpha Glock trigger (can be swapped for zev)

Kkm precision match barrel

Extended mag release

2 pmags included

Box and docs

* SRO not included unless worked into the trade. I also have a lot of holsters and other things that may be added.

Disclosure: I just received the slide back recently, and put everything together but decided to go another direction. I brought it out to shoot and had a couple failures to go into battery, which I’m assuming are from the fresh nitride treatment on the slide and the crappy remanufactured 147/ stock recoil spring. If I get out again soon, I’ll put a different spring in and shoot some 115s.

Willing to trade for anything on my other trade lists posted. Or the following

Glock 17 similarly optioned or with cash
Shadow systems xr920
Sig legion x5 or max or axg pro?
Lightweight hunting rifle set up’s
Quality optics (mid to high power variable)
Terminus Zeus qc sa
Foundation for vudoo/Archimedes or Zeus



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