Kestrel 5700 4DOF Firmware Fix


Jul 13, 2019
The Woodlands Texas
If is Anyone is having difficulty with the Kestrel 5700 Hornady 4DOF after the latest firmware update last week... not being able to upload or download profiles.

A functional and temporary fix, before they send new software, that they came up with a few minutes ago was:

OPEN the Kestrel LINK ballistics app on your mobile, go into the Gun Management section. Open a gun profile you have saved there and scroll to the very bottom. See the Baseline MV, and change that value from 0 to 100. SAVE it.

That fixed the upload and download problem perfectly.

There was a firmware typo coding error... that caused it to not be able to send or receive.

All good.

I have verified it.
Check it out let me know if it's working for you.

I appreciate all the help I've gotten from the SnipersHide and since I was one of the first people they apparently have contacted I told Nick I would post it right away to the forum. They will also be posting officially later as well. But I can tell you it works !