Knesek Guns...Another one comes home, or YMMV


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May 24, 2002
Well finally a rifle makes it to my local C3 dealer. Back in Nov I get the itch for a Knights SR15 SBR. Years ago I bought a big semi auto Barrett from some guy in Arkansas called Knesek guns. The deal, the delivery, the rifle were all flawless. So I'm lookinf for the KAC SBR and I find it on the Knesek Guns site. I call. It's not in stock, but some are inbound, I sould "order right away if I want one." So I ask when will my card be charged. I'm told to add in the remarks section not to bill me till it's in stock. I do this, and place the order. I'm billed immediately, even tho the rifle is not in stock. A few weeks, maybe a month passes and I call to inquire. The woman I speak with tells me there has been a mistake, I've been invoiced and billed for the 16 inch rifle, not the 14.5 inch SBR. I check my info, and no, I've paid for the more expensive SBR. Since the shitstorm at Sandyhook has happened since this order I tell the woman , thats ok. I'll take the 16 inch rifle. But I'll need to be refunded for the difference. She tells me there is a 45% restocking fee. I tell her hell no, they can't restock something that isn't in stock, so I'll wait for the rifle I ordered. In another month or so I call to check on the status of the rifle, seems the woman I spoke with is no longer employed there. Talk to another guy, the rifle is not in stock...

I inform him I have paid for the rifle, he tells me thats not possible, since it's a NFA gun and I shouldn't be charged for it till it's in stock. He apparently checks and, yep, it's paid for. He referrs me to another guy. This guy seems to be truthful and straight up, the rifle shows up a couple of weeks later and is ready for transfer to my dealer. Another month or month and a half and it's here. I went in to chck it out today. It's lighter than I was expecting, but very cool. But I will NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH KNESEK GUNS AGAIN. Internet serches and BBB reviews are not pretty


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May 22, 2010
Nashville TN
Had nothing but bad experience from them, have heard far more bad experience stories about them than good. I wouldnt ever risk my money with those shady fucks again.


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Sep 29, 2011
Knesek Guns shows a BBB rating of F. A while back I posted about some problems I had with Knesek Guns and Thor Global Defense and to my dismay, those problems remain to this day, nearly two years later.

After troubleshooting the XM408, whose functionality and accuracy comes with a "lifetime warranty," I have yet to hold a better group than 7MOA @100 meters. Yes, you read that right. 7MOA @ 100 meters. I've been trying make use of that warranty by returning the rifle but Knesek Guns insists they have a 3 day return policy. If you research the company on other shooter forums you'll find other shooters have had similar experiences.

I'd stay away from both companies. It's my suspicion that the products listed on their website are at a severe disconnect with the real inventory in the warehouse. It appears that they'll take your order (and your money) and then begin the process of finding the product for you. That of course takes a long time and should the customer decide to back out of the order (who wants to wait 6 months for something that was supposedly in stock?), Knesek will charge you a 50% restocking fee.

I'm sincerely surprised that Knesek and Thor have stayed in business for as long as they have. Every business has a bad day but the consistency of problems here brings the integrity of the company as well as their employees into question.