Kraft / SH Cameo Colorado Class AAR


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  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies
    Quick thank you to everyone who attended the Kraft Cameo Class here in Colorado,


    Perfect weather, great students, fantastic views, the Cameo Class had it all.

    I am very much a flow person, my classes have to flow a certain way in order for my brain to accept I did a good job. This class flowed in a nice logical way for me.


    First we started out working our ground game. Working the students on the flat deck before proceeding up the hill. The deck work allowed us to fine tune each shooters. We moved from checking zero to a few baseline Kraft drills. The paper Drills Chris worked out were great at getting shooters to think in a more dynamic way. It's not about the group as much as how you got to the group. We worked on speeding people up going from a measured 1 minute 30 seconds (in some cases) to build a position and engage a target down to 30 seconds. This was gonna be key.



    My personal takeaway from the ground work we did, as well as Chris's drills... I see a ladder, an inverted pyramid so to speak that brings a new shooter from Zeroing to understanding the dynamic nature needed to shoot in the field. A mix of accuracy, build and break, and movement between targets.


    I see a new target in my future. At first I was like, we need to use these targets and number them 1 through 10, so people can shoot them in order. Then I thought, large format printing, each shooters gets their own single paper with everything on it. Move people from zeroing at the bottom (prone) up the ladder to the top as they employ the tripod.


    The Drills were key because they worked both at 100 yards on paper, and then you could do the same thing on steel. It's translates 100% from near to far giving the student a set of drills that did not require changes because of distance.


    Like the fundamental Eval with my Sniper's Hide Classes you need to know what the students brings to the table before you can fix things and adjust their shooting. We set standards, we tested and then worked to improve. The beauty each student can see what was needed and once the task was accomplished they could see the improvement.



    When all this flushes out I see a path, a way to look at a person and get them started down the road to shooting fast. I think I can put you on the path to better shooting from zero to field in 4 days with enough understanding, hands on, and continued learning to really work. See a difference.

    I have more to say, but not at this moment,

    Thanks again to all, I will add to this soon