SOLD  KRG Bravo w/ custom cerakote & accessories

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  • Feb 18, 2017
    NE PA
    Kinda conflicted about selling this because it’s been an excellent extra to have laying around, but I’ve got too many other projects going on and an AT-X on the way so this is going to get buried and forgotten about before long.

    KRG Bravo
    R700 SA inlet, right handed
    Custom Cerakote by 360 Precision
    Tool-Less Height adjustment
    Butt pad spacer kit
    Arca Spigot mount
    Arca Forend rail
    Various weighted accessories (foreend t-slot, heavy barricade stop, steel buttstock spacer)
    Hook-style stock cover (installed & painted)
    2x flat stock cover (not installed & not painted)
    Hoptic cheek pad

    I’m sure I’m missing some things but you get the point… it’s a Bravo with a bunch of accessories.

    $OLD @Chasm

    - Impact or Deviant .223 bolt
    - Custom .223 actions
    - .223 projectiles (75 ELDs or 80 VLDs)
    - CZ 457 MTR
    - R700 SA Matrix
    - Quality AR or AR parts
    - Other cool stuff



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