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LAFAYETTE, IN. New father and pizza deliveryman murdered in botched robbery was able to neutralize one robber before being ambushed by accomplice.

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  • He took down one lowlife scumbag, before another one ambushed him from across the street...


    37 year old Joshua Ungersma, a new father with an infant son, was working as a Dominos pizza deliveryman when 17 year old Jaelynn Billups placed a bogus order over the phone to lure Mr. Ungersma to an abandoned house with the intent to rob him. When Mr. Ungersma arrived, Billup's 19 year old boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter pulled a handgun on him. 37 year old Ungersma was able to draw his own licensed .38 caliber revolver and fired one shot, killing Vanmeter. A neighbor heard the commotion and appeared at the scene just in time to hear Mr. Ungersma tell him that he had shot someone trying to rob him. That was when 17 year old Jaelynn Billups, who had been waiting across the street, fired several rounds from a 9mm pistol, fatally striking Mr. Ungersma from the back. Jaelynn Billups was captured shortly afterward and is now facing STIFF charges. In addition to the capital murder charge for the killing of Mr. Ungersma, she is also facing a second homicide charge for setting up the crime which led to her boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter to be killed as well. These are just the speartips of a slew of weapons possession, kidnapping, robbery, and conspiracy charges. Mr. Ungersma leaves behind an infant son just several weeks old, and a grieving wife and parents.

    New father working a second job as a deliveryman to support his family was able to take down one thug who robbed him at gunpoint before being ambushed and killed by the dead thug's accomplice.


    Seventeen years old Jaelynn Billups, in addition to a capital homicide charge for the shooting death of Mr. Ungersma, is facing charges for her boyfriend and accomplice's death during the botched robbery and multiple other serious charges.


    A 17-year-old girl shot a new father dead after luring him to an abandoned house with a fake pizza order, according to court documents.
    Jaelynn Billups tried to rob Joshua Ungersma, 37, while he was delivering the pizza but shot him when he asked someone to call police in Lafayette, Indiana, witnesses alleged.
    Police found Mr Ungersma dead on North 16th Street on August 31 after there were reports of 'shots fired' at around 11.15pm.

    They also found the body of Billups's boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter, 19, nearby with a Domino's pizza box, two drinks and cash laying on the ground beside him.
    Mr Ungersma is believed to have shot Vanmeter in self-defence after the 19-year-old tried to rob him, after which Billups allegedly shot him at point blank range.

    Witness Patrick Gibson claims Mr Ungesma was uninjured after the first shots were heard and told him Vanmeter had tried to rob him, reported the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

    Mr Gibson said Billups then came from across the street and shot Mr Ungesma dead.

    Another witness also alleged Mr Ungesma had asked someone to call police before Billups shot him.
    Police said Billups was standing over one of the victims when they arrived and she had phoned the cops with the same phone she ordered the pizza on, reported WISHTV.

    Police said Domino's Pizza delivery driver Mr Ungersma was found with 'a .38 S&W revolver in his pocket with the rounds fired'. He had a permit to carry the weapon.
    Jaelynn Billups, 17, was charged with killing Joshua Ungersma causing Ungersma to kill Alberto Vanmeter, 19
    When police ordered Billups to show her hands, she threw a 9mm handgun onto the sidewalk and was detained, reported WTHR.

    A coroner determined Mr Ungersma died of multiple gunshot wounds while Vanmeter died of a single gunshot wound.
    Jaelynn Billups, 17, was charged in Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 with killing Joshua Ungersma and is being held without bond.

    In a second murder count, she was also charged with causing Mr Ungersma to kill Alberto Vanmeter, 19.
    She was also charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, theft, pointing a firearm, and carrying a handgun without a license.

    Billups told the judge during an initial hearing September 8 that her family was planning on hiring an attorney. Her trial date was set for February 23, 2021.
    Mr Ungersma worked a second job at a Domino's store on Greenbush Street in Lafayette, which is donating 75 per cent of sales through Friday to his family.

    The owners hope to raise around $15,000 for the Ungersma family to support his newborn baby.
    Domino's store owner Jimmy Ruedlinger said: 'We want to be able to do whatever we can for the family.
    'They're going through a lot right now, obviously, with the loss of their father, the husband, a son in the mom's case.


    GoFundMe page for Joshua Ungersma:

    The next person who REEEEE's about "white privilege" I will SERIOUSLY have to struggle to keep myself from punching the motherfucker right in the mouth...
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    Hard to imagine a much more senseless waste of life than that. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the girl serves less than 10 years time for it.

    She is being held without bond and is being charged for the death of her accomplice as well. A certain number of states do this, and they mean business when they do it. Oklahoma is one of them. This bitch is fucked. She threw her entire life away.
    I have been unemployed/laid off due to Covid-19 and my unemployment runs out in a few weeks so I started looking for gigs to keep the $1200 a month COBRA paid and a buddy who works at a local pizza place tells me with my knowledge of local streets and licenses to literally drive anything with wheels I'm literally hired on the spot to deliver pizzas. So I talk to his boss and the $ and tips are, frankly, unbelievable.

    My Wife won't allow it simply because of shit like this. This "fake pizza order" and rob/ambush the delivery guy is apparently rampant here as well as across the country. My heart goes out to the delivery Dude's family....what a despicable fate.

    My Wife won't allow it simply because of shit like this. This "fake pizza order" and rob/ambush the delivery guy is apparently rampant here as well as across the country. My heart goes out to the delivery Dude's family....what a despicable fate.


    Might need to do 2 person teams for pizza delivery, one guy with the pizza, other guy armoured up and tooled up rifle in hand looking for any trouble.
    The things I want to say but I hope the worthless cunt burns in a special part of hell and her death is painful. I also hope they charge that scum bitch with a hate crime and while in prison someone uses her ass as an ash tray.
    Might need to do 2 person teams for pizza delivery, one guy with the pizza, other guy armoured up and tooled up rifle in hand looking for any trouble.

    If I was a franchise owner or high up guy managing food delivery or logistics of any kind where there is a high chance of being targeted, I would do just that. Cops do not patrol or respond to incidents alone anymore after several officers had been assassinated in the same ambush fashion and even more attempted assassinations. I know several large Chinese food places around here that does the partner system already.
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    Amazing that here we have people who don't think pizza delivery drivers are worth a living wage ( minimum wage or get a *real* job bitch!) but the managers are paying potential drivers *shit loads* of money plus tips because if they don't?

    No more pizza delivery = no more pizza place.

    It's sorting itself out here in middle America. You want a pizza delivered? Delivery charge is $40...don't wanna pay that? Well...if you don't want to pay a professional to bring it and risk his Life and provide his own security and a viable/insured car then go pick it up yer own damn self.

    We have pizza delivery guys here locally making a shit ton of money. Love to do it *but* I have been called back out of Covid-19 Layoff and it's back to work for me. Personally I'd have loved to be a pizza delivery guy making that kind of money to deliver a fucking pizza.

    Cruel and unusual punishment may very well be cruel but if done enough its not unusual. Slow painful death for that bitch and all like her that follow