Land in Arizona closed to U.S. citizens


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  • Apr 12, 2001
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    Re: Land in Arizona closed to U.S. citizens

    I am getting tired of editing this stuff and removing these posts...

    The time off the site is going to be increasing if this keeps up.

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">When you register with the site you are required to accept the board rules of conduct... Since there has been a question regarding these rules I have modified and will post them here for everyone to read and adhere to:

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    Sniper's Hide Group Shot Policy v2 2010

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    From this day forward I am deleting any 3 shot groups, and especially any groups that are groups within a group.

    So here are the revised rules for posting groups on Sniper's Hide.

    1. You must show the Entire target unedited.

    2. Inside 300 yards you must post at least (4) 5 shot groups that can be identified on target or you may post (1) 10 shot group for record. I will also accept (6) 3 shot groups on the same paper or target.

    3. Anything beyond 300 yards a minimum of 5 shots is required. Please note Rule #1 about the unedited target.

    4. The group shot rules can be bypassed with a target using 10 or more 1/2" dots with one individual round on each dot for a minimum of 10 shots. You can download the Sniper's Hide Dot Drill Target from this site to use in place of showing a group that does not meet the above criteria. You can also show a group containing less than required if you have it as part of a video showing you actually shooting the group.

    5. Shots on steel can only be used for demonstration purposes and not as part of an exhibition of group shooting. These images must be in conjunction with rifles, optics, etc... they cannot be standalone.

    6. Groups shots must be within 2 MOA of the aiming point, otherwise I consider the shots a miss.

    This is my effort to help everyone strive to be a better shooter and to shun mediocrity. At Sniper's Hide we want to set the standard of what shooting good groups means, and we encourage those who are practicing to display their groups especially if you are working on improving your skills.

    Any group currently posted on the site will be grandfathered in, however moving forward I ask the membership to be vigilant in enforcing the group shot rules and regulations. However this does not give any member license to be combative or argumentative with another member simply because they failed to adhere to the guidelines proposed. I do not want a thread destroyed from a member simply because they did not understand this policy. I think you'll thank me in the long run and we'll help raise the bar for everyone.

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    To do this, your city and state goes in the "Geography" line.

    The email we need to see is in the "Public Email Address" box.

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