Lapua brass


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Aug 7, 2005
East Texas
This may have been beat to death somewhere but I did not find it. My question is, Is lapua brass that much better then other brass? I have been reloading for many years but have never bought any new rifle brass. Everything I have is either reused ammo I bought and shot or brass I got from someone else. I shoot .308 among others but am trying to tweek my loads and groups. I shoot (IMHO) fairly well out to 300yds. Normally less then 1 MOA. Never shot pasted that for targets but want to go to the 600yd range this year. Something I want to do before I get so old I need a dog to sight for me.
I realize there is much more to shooting well at 600yds then just brass buy if that made a big enough difference?


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Sep 11, 2007
new mexico
Re: Lapua brass

lapua brass is alot more consistent than others for the most part.

but i think if you were to take an other brass and weight sort it, uniform the primer pockets, debur flash hole etc...

you would have some very good brass. at least very close to the quality of lapua