Rifle Scopes Larue 1-piece doesn't fit my scope - now what?


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  • Sep 5, 2009
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    I am planning on moving a Falcon 5.5-25 from my Rem 700 over to my precision AR /SPR clone. I have a 30mm Larue SPR-E mount that looked on a CQB optic that I thought was going to fit perfect for height as well as eye releif - but the rings are literally just an RCH too close together to fit the turret box of the scope between them. IOW - the scope box touches the rings and prevents the tube from sitting flush in the rings. I'm guessing I'm missing it being perfect by a couple thou...

    Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to go with 2-piece rings instead of the Larue QD base. I'm probably thinking Seekins or Badger - what is the proper height for a 50mm obj over a Flattop AR-15? Are there any issues with a scope that large working on a flattop and still getting the proper eye relief if I set it up roughly NCTH? Or should I just not bother with NCTH for a mostly prone and BR precision gun?