LaRue 6.5CM upper build kit


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May 2, 2013
Gilbert, AZ
The first ones literally started arriving to people middle of this week, but only of the 18" variety. No lowers or 22" barreled kits have shipped as of yet. Probably will be a little bit longer before you get any true feedback on these.


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Feb 13, 2017
I'm curious as well. It's definitely a buyers market when you can buy a large frame Larue for 1600$


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Jan 16, 2003
Just received an email today from LaRue, my upper 6.5 is on the way, no word on when my lower will arrive


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  • Feb 10, 2011
    Estes Park, CO.
    I got my 18”” 260 last week. It is sitting on my LMT MWS lower, and I am going to shoot it for the first time today.
    It has a rifle +2” gas system! I added an adj. gas block since it will be shot with a can.


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    May 6, 2005
    Definitely going to keep an eye on this thread and hope people start posting targets. I got my UU about 2 weeks ago. Mine was assembled by LaRue, so it's ready to go. Except ... I live in Massachusetts, so I literally can't buy a lower receiver for it. Will thankfully be moving to Colorado sometime in the next year, but until then will have to wait. Kind of a bummer, because I totally would have bought a LaRue receiver as well, but didn't think they'd let me wait a year before buying/transferring it. So I got the upper built to go on a DPMS/Aeroprecision receiver and will just have to wait patiently until I move to a free state to assemble the lower and take it to the range.

    BTW - my assembled upper did not come with a test target, so I'm REALLY curious to see how these are shooting. I own a Tikka in 6.5cm and it is a hammer with commercial ammo, so I'm expecting great things from this rifle.


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    Mar 22, 2017
    Following as well.
    I'll either be buying one of these upper kits or an OBR as my first big purchase of 2018.


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  • Mar 8, 2010
    Behind Enemy Lines
    Okay, I cheated. I went to build my 6,5CM UU and I just couldn't get one of the screws out of the rail/upper. I think it's in with JB Weld, actually broke my long T-Handle on it. Anyways, I cheated and threw the 6.5CM barrel onto my 7.62 Larue. It fit like a glove to the upper and I torqued it to 50ft/lbs while engaged with my reaction rod. I cleaned the barrel, installed the 6.5 Larue brake, slapped a Vortex Gen I 4.5-20 on it and then did a quick bore sight.

    Last weekend I headed out to Range 4 at Quantico. The shooting schedule was 100, 300, then 600, so that was perfect to get the 6.5 sighted. I usually shoot the 260 LaRue at 600/800/1,000 so it was kind of strange shooting at 100!

    The sun is coming up and it looks like it will be a beautiful day. It started at 45 degrees and went up to about 70 degrees. The wind was 5-10mph, but mostly from our 6 o'clock.


    Steel and paper set on the berm just ahead of the pits. You can't shoot steel from 100, but we do set it up to save some time. I also put a load of clays on the impact berm, which is an additional 35 yards.



    Set up at 100 waiting for range control to allow us to go hot.


    You never know where these will show up.


    Like I said, I cheated and put the 6.5CM barrel on my 7.62 LaRue.




    I fired three sighters (the two 8's and that 9) and then fired some 5-shot groups, not too bad for a new barrel. [:D] Then I slapped the Tranquillo on to see what the POI shift was going to be, 2 MOA down (the three shots in the 8), which is consistent with my .260. I left the suppressor on and fired at 300 and 600 suppressed.


    A quick OnTarget review.


    Then it was back to the 300 yard line for some more shootin'.


    I need a 6.5CM port cover as I don't think that 7.62 barrel will be getting much action.




    Steel at 300 - several sight corrections.


    Two groups at 300, I need to up my game.



    Then it was back to 600. This was the same yard line we were shooting from during Modern Day Marine a few weeks ago.


    I only shot steel and clays at 600, but I think I was on.


    Coolest shitake of the day, USAF peep had his wireless camera set up out. He said it will go all the way to 1,000.



    So, impressions; this 6.5CM is a keeper. Seems to shoot "softer" than my LaRue 260, but it could be that this is a Gen 1 Magpul stock that uses a full length spring and a AR10 buffer, versus a carbine set up with the red spring. This is a very easy caliber to shoot and the 140gr Hornady ELD-Ms seem to be just as consistent as the 130gr ELD-Ms I shoot in the 260.
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    Jan 16, 2003
    I have the 22: upper kit in 6.5 C/M in FDE, fit and finish is very good, it snaps on my LaRue OBR perfect.
    It will shoot 1/2 MOA with factory Winchester match ammo. Very soft shooting caliber.