Length of Wyatt 10 rd mag vs. AICS 10 rd mag?


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Jun 19, 2009
Des Moines, IA
I'm trying to decide between Wyatt Bottom Metal and CDI Bottom Metal. I like that the Wyatt is a true drop in (in a 700P stock) and doesn't need inletting like the CDI. I can get Wyatt Bottom Metal with a 5 rd mag and buy the 10 round mag as well for the same price as the CDI Bottom Metal with one AICS 10 round mag.

But, I don't know how the Wyatt looks compared to the CDI. I've seen pics of 700's with 10 round AICS mags, but I've never seen pics with the Wyatt 10 rd installed.

Does anyone know the length of the Wyatt 10 round mag? What is the length of the AICS 10 round mag?

Thanks in advance...