Leupold CDS Ballistics Dials


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  • Dec 9, 2018
    Bend, Oregon
    Learned something new I thought I'd share. I knew that Leupold had certain scope models that came with a free customized CDS turret to match your velocity, rifle, environment, etc. ... but I don't own any of those scopes as I've standardized on the Mark-5HD variant (I have 7 of them). But I learned from a buddy that you can special-order a CDS ballistic turret on other scopes ... so I called Leupold Customer Service and the guy took all my rifle, scope, cartridge, environment, etc. data, charged my credit card $80, and a week later I had a turret for my Mark-5HD that was customized to my rifle, cartridge, and environment ... with the turret now in "Yards" instead of "Mils". Pretty cool ... looking forward to getting to the range to test it out, if this crappy weather ever clears up here in Central Oregon.

    Anybody here use these CDS turrets from Leopold and can maybe share your results and experiences?

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    May 27, 2020
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    Good to hear - I’m on the hunt for a 77gr 5.56 turret for a 2.5-8x36 Mk4 that I’ve just snagged. I’ll reach out to Leupold directly!