SOLD Long Range 338 Norma


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  • Feb 14, 2017
    Custom 338 Norma that I bought off the owner of XLR, built by the developer of the 6 Dasher:

    - Lawton 8500 action
    - Jewell benchrest Trigger,
    - Hart 1:10 MTU 27” barrel, threaded 5/8x24 with timed muzzle brake
    - XLR Evolution HD with the BMG stock. It will come with 1 mag.
    - around 100 pieces of once fired Norma brass, and I have some Barnes projectiles I will include (I might have Hornady as well but will have to check)
    - it’s pretty hefty, but don’t have the exact weight. Guess around 18lbs.
    - round count: 180 is my best guess based on what XLR said plus my rounds I fired.

    Open to trades on this one. Feel free to send me offers but mostly open to the following:
    - cement and insulation work in my detached garage if you’re local to west Michigan.
    - high end 9mm pistols in the 2011 flavor (no single stack please)
    - high end optics
    - possibly a shorty 300 blackout bolt rifle or pistol
    - custom 223 bolt face action
    - lightweight long range hunting scope like a vortex LHT

    Otherwise I’ll take $2,400 shipped if you’ve got cash.

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