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Looking to rent a room from pro 2A people , orange county CA


regular guy
Full Member
Mar 26, 2017
Hello , my living situation is changing at the end of April and I need to find a place to live so I'm looking for a room to rent, preferably in Orange county some where as my employment is in Irvine. I'm 31 and I work full time as a cnc machinist . I have a few firearms and I'm not sure there are too many renters that ok with firearms in the house , so that's why I'm asking here .

What I bring to the table :
rent of course and
if you have a private residence I'm willing to mow and edge lawns
clean / vacuum the house
I have a fair amount of reloading equipment , Anneal made perfect machine , Dillion 650 , RCBS match master
I'd be willing to share those things with you as well

private message me if you think I'd be a good fit or if you know some one .
to be clear to everyone , it would be some what temporary as the plan is to eventually move to texas . just need a few more months to get things going
I would try looking in Santa Ana along the Santa Ana River drainage ditch. Along the area where the road is still dirt, not paved. The area I am thinking of still has free range chickens around the houses.