Love my CZ Trainer and on line training.

Prairie Dog Dundee

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Oct 20, 2002
I had to go clear some wind downed trees at my cabin and on a whim I threw in my old CZ Trainer 22 LR. I've had this rifle for 10 years and it has spent most of it's life as a loner to kids when I go shooting with their dads. It has a circa 1955 Weaver K4 scope and on old, well broken in leather 1917 military sling.

I'm taking Rifles Only on line training and have been dry firing my Remington 700 PSS every morning for the past few weeks. I thought I would spend a little time with the CZ and shoot some paper while at the cabin. Turns out I didn't need targets because the Rock Chucks were taking over the place. In a 200 yards walk I got five Rock Chucks with five shots and all five were head shots. Ammo was CCI Velocitors for which the rifle is zeroed. Ranges were 60 to 110 yards. Three shots were standing off hand, one sitting and one prone.

It was an excellent morning. I know that the CZ will do nearly MOA at 100 yards with this ammo. The thing that sticks in my mind is that I knew that every shot was good when I sent it. Because of the on line training I now know that I'm guilty of pushing bad shots. For this walk I reviewed the basics for each shot and did not rush. Two Rock Chucks went down in the rocks before I got a shot off but that's fine I need to leave breeding stock. I now know that I don't have "off days" I'm either paying attention to the fundamentals or I'm not.