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SOLD LRI Trued Remington 700 SA


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Jan 20, 2020
Picked this up locally for a build that isn’t going to happen. Just trying to get out of it what I paid.

The receiver was sent in new and hasn’t seen any rounds. I did do a little polishing of the bolt body and bolt handle area (shown in pics) but otherwise hasn’t been used.

All work done by LRI

SA, standard bolt face
Threads, bolt face, and lugs trued
Threaded bolt handle
Pined larger recoil lug
8/40 scope base screws

SOLD shipped action only

Only trade would be for a 6.5 CM barrel for a defiance. Shoot me a pm with any questions. Thanks


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I don’t. Was done quite a few years ago to my understanding and has sat in a safe since.
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I'm not entirely sure but LRI might be able to verify the work done with the serial number if you call them? I had done this once before with them.
Yes I’m sure they could.

This came from a trusted source but anyone who is interested I’m happy to do some digging if needed.
Does it have an ejector? It looks like it is MIA in the picture, but it could just be the angle.
It does. Sorry I took it out to clean everything and forgot to put it back in before pics.

But its there and functions properly
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