Lwrc spr unboxing


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Nov 18, 2011
Just brought home my Lwrc spr (m6a2 mod 0 to be exact).

First impressions:

the spr is much better balanced than any of the other ar's I've come across. The weight is not balanced heavily to the front as seems to be the case with most quad rail platforms. That being said you can't really call it a true quad rail because you have to attach the rail segments to the handgaurd. it succeeds in saving a massive amount of unneeded ounces.

The upper and lower fit together as though they were a single piece. In a word "tight". I was very surprised by this usually there is some noticeable play between upper and lower that is not the case here. Very well machined.

I was impressed by lwrc's proprietary buis as well although I think magpul has a slight advantage in that there's pop up under spring pressure. Nice feature but the Lwrc buis is certainly more robust.

There is enough magpul on this thing to open a franchise. The stock is awesome. Best check weld I can imagine. I am rather fond of the miad grip as well. The trigger guard was interesting however, it looks magpul but it is actually Lwrc. Not bad just interesting.

The trigger seems good so far but if I change anything this is where it will happen. I'm used to better triggers so a Gisselle 2 stage may be in my future.

Then we come to the actual box. All I can say is you have to be f**king kidding me, $2350.00 and the best you can do is a cardboard box. My sons DPMS AP4 came with a molded plastic case and there profit margin can't be as large as Lwrc. Oh and the DPMS came with 2 mags. Lwrc step up your game. We are spending big money with you don't be stingy. They did throw in a bottle of lube to help soften the blow (feel free to take that however you want). Oh and I got a free sticker. Yay!

I'll get back to you with a range report in a few days.


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Aug 6, 2011
Re: Lwrc spr unboxing

I have the exact same LWRC....I had to put in a Geissele SSA-E...it is a marked improvement