Training Courses Magpul Dynamics Weapons Courses Coming to the Northwest in May


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Feb 7, 2010
Yakima, Washington
Magpul Dynamics weapons manipulation courses are coming to the Pacific Northwest in May. I know this may be a late post but we still have some openings available in both Carbine 1 and Handgun 1. The courses are going to be held in Yakima, WA at the Sun Valley Shooting Park.

Carbine 1: Friday, May 17- Sunday May 19
Handgun 1: Wednesday May 22 - Friday May 24.

Links to the course outlines:
Training novice shooters in proper handgun fundamentals -
An entry level familiarization course for Carbine -

We also have a solution for the ammo shortage currently gripping the industry. We've partnered with Magtech to allow students to purchase the required amount of ammo for each type of course we offer (with the exception of the Precision Rifle courses, which we're working on) for use only at a Magpul Dynamics training course. Full details can be found here:

Class Ammo Now Available!

Apologies for the delay, but we are now ready to get this program rolling. We've had some hiccups on the pistol ammo side, but by working with various manufacturers and vendors, we are ready to go. Prices are not as low as we'd like them to be, but if our costs go down, we will announce price adjustments to pass the savings on.

For Carbine classes, we will have Magtech 5.56 which may be M193 or 62gr (no penetrator) ball, depending on availability. Price will be $380 per 1000 rounds. You may purchase up to 1200 rounds for the class, but not more, and each additional 100 rounds will be $38.00. You can probably get by with 1000.

Handgun ammo for Carbine students will be available in 100 round increments up to 200 rounds max. Right now, all we have is 9mm, at $27.50 per 100 rounds. 100 rounds will probably get you by for the class. 200 preferred for Carbine 2.

For Handgun students, we will have Magtech or Fiocchi 115gr ball ammo. Price for either will be $275 per 1000 rounds. You may purhase in 100 round increments up to 1200 rounds per class, with each additional 100 rounds costing $27.50. 1000 will probably get you through, but the extra 200 rounds won't hurt, either.

Once again, if you order ammo, and then cancel your class slot, you will be refunded the amount of the ammo, and will not be afforded the option to take the ammo. If the ammo has been shipped to the class location (approx 10 days before class date), the cost of shipping the ammo (both ways) will be withheld from any refund.

Thanks guys.