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Make it to a Mile, May 5, Woodland CA


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Jun 16, 2022
For those of us who love stretching the limits of long-range shooting, hitting milestones is all part of the game. We kick things off at 100 yards, aim for 300 yards, and dream of that glorious 1000-yard shot. But what comes next? Well, here's your chance to go for that elusive 1-mile impact and enjoy a whole day dedicated to real long-range shooting. Our Extended Long Range firing line is all set up, reaching out to a mile (1760 yards)

This class is for the shooter ready to push their rifle and ammo to it limits. It's not a beginner's course, but we're not throwing any prerequisites at you, just a solid grasp of marksmanship basics and ballistic data.

Now, let's talk gear. To reach those far-off distances, your rifle needs a minimum 20 MOA rail, or you won't make it. You'll also need a modern scope (adjustable magnification, dialable elevation/wind, and parallax adjustments) and a magnification of 15x or more. A 5-25x scope would be ideal for this but not a necessity. We're capping the caliber at 338 Cal or smaller.

Plan on bringing around 60-80 rounds for the course. Here's the schedule:

  • 07:30: Sign your life away (liability waiver) and get the safety rundown
  • 08:00: Warm-up with the zero period
  • 09:00: Dive into data overview and confirmation
  • 10:00: Wind and calling techniques
  • 11:00: Lunch
  • 11:45: Head over to the ELR range; let's shoot from 300 yards to a mile or more
  • 14:00: Wrap up the course
  • 14:15: Open range for those who can't get enough trigger time
The cost? Just $375.00 for the day, covering all your range fees and materials. Snagging your spot requires a 50% deposit, via Venmo, PayPal, or a good ol' check.

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