Firearms  Manners, Bighorn, Vortex AMG, Nightforce NX8, Atlas, etc.


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May 30, 2018
Pyongyang, North Korea
I have the following items for sale. Additional pictures with whatever form of verification you want available on request.

1) Manners T4A Elite w/ Black Forest Camo and Mini Chassis Gen 2 (R700, M24 Contour). The ejection port is sized for a Bighorn Origin, and the stock was made to accommodate a swept bolt.

2) Bighorn Origin barreled action. 24” Bartlein barrel, M24 Contour, Black Cerakote $1050 Approximately 600 rounds

3) Area 419 Hellfire Black $125

4) Atlas CAL - Std Pic Rail Attachment $225

5) Vortex AMG 6-24 $1750 in ARC M10 rings $1900

6) Nightforce NX8 2.5-20 Mil-XT $1600 in Sphur 3016 - Height 38mm - 0 Mil Elevation $1950

7) Accuracy International .308 10rd Mags x2

If you would like just the rings/mount, I will sell them separately. I’m not going to separate the barrel and action. For ease of use I will show the photo of the rifle complete, these are the parts. I can obviously provide addition details, pictures, measurements as I’m sure I left stuff out.
Thanks for looking,