Rifle Scopes Millet scope returns?


Nov 24, 2011
Central/West Texas
I've got an "older" Millett 6-25x56 s/f scope that is starting to have an issue with the crosshair not moving when the vertical turret is turned. It's not completely stuck because it will move in the direction you turned it after running 4 or 5 rounds of .308 Win. thru it. Have tried using a small amount of Kroil around the adjustment screw but so far this hasn't fixed the problem plus the horizontal crosshair ring is getting to the point where tapping on the turret with a cartridge may or may not move the internal ring. I see where Bushnell apparently bought out Millett so now I'm wondering where to send the scope for repairs? Does anyone have any contact information on Millett or does the scope go to Bushnell for repairs? Any info would really be appreciated.