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Modern Day Sniper - Intro to Precision Rifle - San Diego, CA // March 14-17, 2022


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Feb 12, 2017
Modern Day Sniper will be down in San Diego, CA at the Pala Rifle Range hosted by @NoLegs24 for our Intro to Precision Rifle Course.

Dates: March 14-17, 2022
Round Count: 400 minimum (rec. to bring more)

Register Here: Intro to Precision Rifle - San Diego County, CA


This class is for beginning long range shooting Enthusiasts and the serious rifle Hunter, or someone who’s looking for a hard fundamental reset.

Class Prerequisites: No experience required other than safe rifle handling skills.

4-Days $1200 + $25/day Range Fees​

  • Circle of Components
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Basic Weapons Manipulation (Load/Unload, Bolt Manipulation, Emergency/Proactive Loads)
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Atmospheric Conditions
  • Basic Wind Reading
  • Introduction to Positional Shooting
  • Basic MDR Skills Evaluation

The journey begins here at the introduction to precision rifle class. Just getting into long range shooting as an enthusiast or a hunter? Look no further as there’s simply not another more comprehensive class out there that focuses on developing a solid foundation of skills that will set you up for success on your journey of becoming a modern day rifleman.
The Introduction to long range shooting class starts at the basics as we teach you about the finer points of your rifle, optic and ammunition and how they work together to produce the precise results you’re looking for. You’ll dive deep into the fundamentals of marksmanship, teaching you how to shoot your rifle to both its and your own capabilities. From there, we’ll jump into the science of long range shooting, discussing everything you need to know to be successful on your own and giving you achievable goals and confidence.
Next, we’ll give you an exposure to how to read the largest variable in long range shooting, the wind, and how to make accurate adjustments when you don’t get it right. You’ll wrap up your introduction to long range shooting with a brief dabble into shooting off of your belly, and you’ll know where your strengths and weaknesses are after you complete our basic Modern Day Rifleman evaluation.

Some Teasers of our Intro to Precision Rifle Course that we recently held at Altus Shooting Solutions.

Any questions on this class please reach out to myself ([email protected]) or @CaylenW ([email protected])

DAY 1 - Range Overview and Day 1 Events

DAY 3 - Highlights of students running through course of fire

DAY 4 - Modern Day Sniper Basic Evaluation

See you at the range!

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Apr 25, 2021
I would love to do something like this.
Would be awesome!