Gunsmithing  Modify ADL mag to BDL?


Nov 4, 2010
North Carolina
Hey this is probably my first post on the Hide, but I have read a ton of great info on this site. I am converting a remington varmint ADL in 243 Win to a BDL. I have a new stock and bottem metal. The ADL mag is a bit taller than the BDL,so the question is can I grind down the ADL mag to drop into a BDL stock? I cant find specs on either type and I have done a search. Thanks for any info...


Gunny Sergeant
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Mar 15, 2005
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Re: Modify ADL mag to BDL?

If you had a go-by BDL box you could modify the ADL to work pretty easily.

Keep in mind that the M40A1 Williams M70 bottom metal uses a modified ADL box. When I built my quasi-M40A1 with a Marine take-off stock and BM I had to take material off the bottom of an ADL box.

Your "best" alternative though is to just pick up a Brownell's catalog and order the factory Remington BDL box. It's in there. Given the situation with the M40A1 using the ADL box, you have a ready market for selling your ADL box here no problem.

Your ADL spring and follower will go right in the BDL BM and work with the BDL box just fine BTW too.