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Jul 4, 2010
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  • Dec 20, 2017
    Thank God for @143lrsd @Jefe's Dope @nockhunter and @Dirty D keeping the thread strong... Hadn't been on the Hide for a couple days I get back on MPT and it was about 5 pages of bullshit... Didn't know if I was on CNN/Fox or the Hide there for a minute :ROFLMAO:
    There's one in particular fucktwit who just can't help himself from posting if COVID is in your post. So fucking retarded he doesn't know how to start a thread.


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  • Feb 13, 2017
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    I've never been a fan of hanging belays on gear. Can't tell if your anchor is on bolts or not. Ive done a several routes in CA that were only hanging belays and they always make my bunghole pucker more than being on the sharp end. Climb safe, climb hard! :cool:(y)

    That's my picture, so I'm not in it. The route is Rosy Crucifixion, which starts below the upper ramp on Redgarden Wall. I've done it a couple of times, most recently in 2012, so my memory of the pro might not be the best. IIRC, there are 2 or 3 pins on the traverse pitch and I think one is close enough to the hanging belay to include it in your anchor. My memory is that the trad gear in the hanging belay is bomber. The traverse pitch is given an "s" but I remember it taking enough small gear to back up the fixed pins well enough that it didn't really have big pucker factor.

    Eldo is the land of nuts and small cams for many of these old classics. Some of the old fixed pins are about as good as a tent stake shoved in a pile of wet kitty litter, others are fine. The bolts in Eldo are a mixed bag too. Rosy was put up by Layton Kor and Jack Turner, so I would not be shocked if it had a bolt or two, I just don't remember any. Some of Kor's bolts are still in place in Eldo and I would not count on them holding a whipper, like 1/4" button heads, etc. The FFA was by Jim Erickson, who was a hardcore old school trad dude, so I doubt he would have added any bolts to Rosy.

    Hanging belays can beat you up pretty good if you climb from one to another to another. I totally get why aid climbers take bosun's chairs along on big walls. I have one of those little nylon belay seats that I'll use on free routes if there's a bunch of hanging belays.


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    Apr 8, 2011
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    Boy, you really want to win this one don’t you.

    So you’re going to go on casting dispersions that have no logical basis…

    40% effectiveness is still 40% effectiveness even if it wasn’t designed for the specific strain.

    I never said people don’t get the choice to decide what they want to do.

    Paraphrasing, what I said was: you don’t know what you’re talking about, and it’s obvious.

    It was a good idea to bring abortion into it so you could attempt to pull a slight of hand and try to get people off your original topic.

    That’s the tact of the weak minded, and scumbag politicians.

    Well my simple minded friend, a choice is a choice. If you rant and rave like a tard about people having the right to choose to murder other human beings, the far less dangerous choice of whether or not to take a 40% effective vaccine should be perfectly acceptable. It is not "slight of hand" to try and get an idiot to see the error of their ways, it is usually pointless because the idiot is after idiot.

    It is kind of bizarre that you think people should be forced to accept every medical decree issued by government overlords or left wing media pundits, except the choice for an abortion, that one is reserved just for women.

    "40% effectiveness" is not a vaccine, it is a random shot. And again, asking people who will not die from Covid, like children or adults under 60 years old to take a vaccine that is not particularly useful in preventing a disease is again.................................. kinda stupid. Twice as many kids died of pneumonia last year as died from Covid. Three times more died from accidental drowning.

    If you have taken the vaccine and the vaccine actually works, then you have nothing to fear from people who are not vaccinated. Again, no reason for you to either demand people take the non-working vaccine or insist people who are not vaccinated wear masks or whatever other stupid shit you think up.

    If you are vaccinated and you think it works, you should simply shut up and leave people alone and let them live with their decisions. The mystery is why wacked out left wing dipshits even care if people are not vaccinated? If they are dying as you claim and we know you hate them, you should be giddy.

    Bring on the fat chicks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,damn it.