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  1. Lowlight

    Sniper’s Hide Cup 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup Picture thread

    Here are some pictures of the 2017 Sniper's Hide Cup at Rifles Only If you cleaned my stage on Day One you got a candy bar - Clark earned a Butterfinger Jacob briefing the field Jorge - you're excuses are invalid - (No_Legs24) The Legend ! Jacob Gottfredson Moon ! Crescent Customs...
  2. T

    Maggie’s Epic military photos

    All right guys, time to share some of your epic military photographs. Let's see 'em. Some things never change
  3. Snake-Eyes

    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    The last thread got accidentally deleted while trying to clean-up some moron's inappropriate post. So, let's give this one a fighting chance: - No naked crotch pics - No Politics - No religious stuff - NO celebrity nudes, fake nudes, or uploaded nudes If you're posting topless pics they need...
  4. F

    Gunsmithing pictures of AICS without an action in it

    trying to get some pictures of an AICS without the action in it, kinda scared to take mine apart. wondering exactly how the bedding block is made. thanks mike
  5. M

    Photos Just an introduction and a few pictures.

    FN SPR A2 .300wsm Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x50 Nightforce rings Badger FTE muzzle brake 2lb trigger
  6. rcnpthfndr

    Hunting & Fishing Trail cam pictures from the yard * added video*

    The other trail cam threads inspired me to try one out. Here’s some pictures from the last couple of day. The next couple of days we are going to try the video feature out. I do see the need for a faster recovery time between pictures, i guess its time to upgrade already.
  7. C

    Hunting & Fishing Mystery Ranch Longbow pictures

    For any of you guys considering this pack, here is a couple of pictures with some options for hauling meat between the frame and pack.
  8. P

    2009 Nor Cal TBRC pictures are up

    All the pictures are now up. I apologize for this taking so long. The photographer Craig, took well over 2K pictures. I've posted over 800 after sorting through them. All pictures of individuals are there, so if Craig took a picture of you it's in there somewhere. If there's a picture of you...
  9. T

    Accuracy International would like your pictures

    We have a new website and a gallery showing pictures of your AI rifles and AICS set-ups. We would like you to send pictures. Can you go on to our website and submit. www.accuracyinternational.com Thanks, Tom Irwin
  10. S

    Hunting & Fishing I caught crabs (with pictures)

    My brother and I took my son out crabing for the first time. We did pretty good we got 18 large red rock crab and one large dungeness. We used duck meat for bait and it worked very well. My brother mostly drank beer and watched. It was a good time for all of us. My son wants to go...
  11. D

    Rifle Scopes Pictures of Mark 4 M3 10x40 BDC Knobs please

    As stated, I would like to see pics of these knobs without the caps. Thanks in advance. Also, I assume these have the zero stop built in?
  12. JasonB

    2 Rifle Build Preview Pictures

    These Borden Alpines are works of art... Chromoly Bolt/Action, Extra Firing Pins, Jewel Triggers... I can't say in words and even the pics do not do justice to these actions ! one is going to be a 308 and one a 260... Both will have Flutted Rock Barrels M24/40 Countours, 308 in 24"...
  13. O

    Every Dark Cloud has a SILVER Lining! **PICTURES**

    I've recently had to part with some pretty Great rifles due to financial woes and unexpected bills. I'm not at all wealthy and spending more than $1000 on a rifle is difficult for me. I was down to just my 5R when it comes to LR rifles. I also lost my Mother to Cancer a couple of weeks ago so...
  14. xarmor

    Rifle Scopes Green Redfield accu range value? (pictures added)

    Found a green anodized Redfield acurange for sale, anybody got a feel for what these are currently selling for. Reticle is good, scope is serialized to a rifle, anodiztion on the tube has turned goldish color. Overall looks to be in very good used condition. What would be a reasonable price?
  15. S

    Rifle Scopes Show some of your sight pictures

    Lets see some pics of what it is like to be you when you are about to pull the trigger. (pictures through your scopes)
  16. shooter65

    Pictures from today's match

  17. Lowlight

    SH Valkyrie - pictures

    Okay, the Valkyrie arrived today, and I had a chance to mount up my Nightforce F1 on it, and get it zeroed in preparation of sending a bunch of rounds downrange. Rifles is shit hot, the action is definitely sweet and it digs the Cor Bon stuff. Here are some pictures: More...