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Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

Motherfuckers DO realize that the MOST deadly of all combative/defensive knife types is the T handle push dagger, and is also the most primitive and easiest to make, right? The whole thing from edge to handle can be stenciled and cut straight out of a 1084 blank bar and for emergency use, heat treating is not even required.
I am not a fan of push daggers at all. They are way too small and can only be held in your hand in one position.

I carry this and a Benchmade 806.

Bread sourced from US wheat = death.

Bungee cords are also a thing 🙃
What? You don't want added Round Up and a crapload of chemicals?
Pisses me off and its the true cost of inflation that real flour that's good for you costs $6 a pound and the garbage shit produced for the gullible costs pennies....
Thank God my wife makes our own breads at home and does it the old fashioned way with no crap in it...
Someone said I was posting underage pics ?

Like WiTF

Hears some barely legal for @armorpl8chikn

View attachment 8335960

View attachment 8335961

As soon as Cooper is banned. You are posting the same AI altered pics that look like children.

But now you can call me out, because the pics were took down.
You have always been a shitbird. Everyone knows that. Whether you wear the Deersniper hat or the Burt G hat or the Cooper hat.
Don't you have enough shit to fuck up on the farm?
You are a fucking, petulant child.
As I have pointed out before.
WTF is a Gluten?

Something invented by victim syndrome liberals so they can say they are allergic to it.
Can safely say no allergies in my house, but yeah, they definitely wake up after kneading doughs. Gotta let them chill a little before you start stretching out your pizza crust. Otherwise you get an 8” pizza when shooting for a 12”. :)

I’ve yet to see an actual gluten, but apparently they make my homemade breads awful yummy too.
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