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Nov 11, 2007
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Re: LMT MWS: Optic Specific Thread

Just sold a USO SN4 1-6 that I had on my MWS.

Without jumping another 1K in price I think its as good as it gets for an all around all in one scope.


It adds a hell of a lot of weight to an already heavy rifle, no big deal work out more.

Its good but not perfect, I find the 6x a bit underpowered to shoot groups beyond 100yds and the illumination is not bright enough to use as a dot type sight on low power.

Next experiment is to mount my ST-10 and a T-1 on the new side mounted Larue. Figure that gives me a great long range optic as well as a dot sight and either or can be used stand alone. This dosnt come close to adressing the weight issue but it affords the option to remove the heavy optic and place it in a pack and not on the weapon. Again I realize this is not optimal but its worth trying till something better (or affordable) comes along.

With the recent trend of 16" highly accurate do all 308 AR's being all the rage I expect the optic trend to follow but at a slower pace. Not knocking the amount of engineering that goes into developing a rifle but personaly I beleive there are much more constraints involed in developing an optic.

Having said that IMO the perfect 308 carbine optic would be 1-10x with a mil based ret and a daylight visible center dot. Get the felling a 1-10x is some sort of impossible combination in the optic world but it would be great if possible.