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NC Gunsmith


Full Member
Dec 30, 2013
Before I go drop my gun off at a random smith, just wanted to check in here to see if anybody knows a good gun smith around the Wilmington, NC area? Thanks in advance.
Dave Tooley is up in oriental I believe and he’s a great one and Grey Sloan a/ swift creek rifles is in Goldsboro and he is a good dude as well

*these are both precision rifle smiths
Gray @ Swift Creek Rifles has done work for me as well. The 2 guns he has worked over for me have been the easiest to do load development for and are tack drivers.
Swift Creek is my current go-to precision rifle smith. The Bartlein barrel he spun up for my wife's rifle a few months ago (shipped him the action) is the most accurate barrel we've owned/used.

For .223 & .308 calibers (non barrel burners), I'll be using Swift Creek & Bartlein exclusively from now on over pre fits. The extra cost is worth it for long term usage.
Anyone know if Gray is still in business and accepting any new projects? I’ve got a simple pre-fit barrel install project and don’t want just anyone to do it.
Last I talked to him not too long ago he was. Give him a call.
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