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NCPPRC Aug Steel Match Results

NorCal Vu

Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Dec 20, 2004
Sacramento Area
Thank you Sam and Jason for running the line today. Everything ran smooth and safe. 21 guys, 9 COFs with 55 rounds possible and done before 11:30am without rushing....very nicely done gentlemen.

Thank you to all the guys that help break down and setup.

Congrats to Mr. John Kirkpatrick for taking home 1st. (remember to send me pics John)

1 John Kirkpatrick 396 (6.5x284 Sierra Arms)
2 Thomas, Rob 366 (6.5x55)
3 Boak, Jason 323 (KMW 260rem aka Majic Stick)
4 Soulie, Marc 318 (Greg W's GAP M40A3 308win he won at TBRC 2009)
5 Wahlmeier, Greg 310 (GAP 308win)
6 Icay, Eric 294 (APA 260rem)
7 Pham, Vu 278 (GAP 243win)
:x :x :x
8 Davis, Dave 250 (308win PSS)
9 Cannupp, Tim 242 (308FN SPR)
10 Don Sandretto 225 (Newman Precision 308win)
11 Alvi, Jake 210 (GAP 308win)
12 C, Todd 208 (308win)
13 Dahlquist, Marty 197 (M700 5R 308win)
14 David Skit 190 (260rem?)
15 Herling, Erik 185 (308win)
16 Heaton, Robert 175 (GAP Barreled Action 308win)
17 Dunlap, John 168 (BBR 308win)
18 Laviolette, Travis 110 (308win PSS)
19 Hromacko, Gary 80 (308win PSS)
20 Fenandez, Antonio 40 (308win)
21 Roff, Vic 30 (308win)

COF as followed.

CBS - A lil smaller than 1.5" Shoot N C dot @ 150 meters. THIS WAS UGLY! 4 hits out of 21 shooters.

Running Dots - 5 1" dots with a 50 yard run in between. We got this from Scott's match in AZ..great COF.

220yards Transition on 10" Plate. 2 Shots standing, 2 shots kneeling (no Jiko Kneeling), 2 shots Sitting...all slung up. No front support.

Barricade/Weak Side @ 220yards 6" Poppers. 6 rounds.


Sitting @ 330yards Slung up only. 12" Plate.

550yard KYL

Points Ticking Away done at 550yards and 330yards. Hit 3 10" plates @ 550 as fast as you can and then move to a 6" plate at 330yards to stop the timer. Points count down from 80 seconds. 1pt per second.

Jason Boak smoked this stage in 17 seconds....bastard shoots my KMW 260 better than I do. LOL.

Popper Kaos.

2 poppers @ 220, 330, 420, 550. 1 Round each from closest to furthest, left to right. Poppers range from the MGM Mini Popper to LV Full size poppers @ 420 and 550 yards.