need help deciding on my 260 build


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Dec 24, 2008
i want to know your opinions on my next rem 700 build. its gonna be a 260 . do you think i should use a long action so i can load the bullets long and mag feed them or use a short action and have to load them shorter? i have access to a fairly cheap long action i can purchase and part out to recoup some of my costs and the 30-06 bolt head will work for the 260 base


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Mar 16, 2008
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Re: need help deciding on my 260 build

I'd prefer a short action if I were using a DBM system plus it will be a lighter rifle.

A long action will help you squeeze a little more velocity by seating the bullet out a little farther.


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May 12, 2006
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Re: need help deciding on my 260 build

Personally, if I wanted to use a long action, I would go with a 6.5-06 for the increased performance. A long 700 is plenty long enough to chase the lands with a 6.5-06 and VLDs, provided it is throated properly.

If you have your heart set on a .260 (which is a great cartridge that I absolutely love mine), I would go with the short action. If you want to run VLDs, get a Wyatt's box. It will allow you to go to about 2.99" OAL, if you desire. I initially had trouble to get my rifle to feed with the Wyatt's box, but as it turns out, the box was not the problem at all, but rather my magazine spring being installed upside down. Once I was made aware of that, it feeds like a champ.

Have your rifle throated so that you can reach the lands with your bullet of choice when seated to function through the magazine. May or may not give the best accuracy touching the lands, but at least you would have that option available if that's the way your rifle shoots the best.

I would also recommend considering flipping your 700 and going with a custom action. By the time you have all the 'smithing done to a 700 to bring it up to the same tolerances as a custom, you are nearly at a custom action price.