New 700 5R build for newbie


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Nov 15, 2011
Turlock, Ca
I am new to the bolt action area and want to get into long range shooting.

I have been talking with a couple of the regulars on here and have decided to get the Remington 700 5r (now I just need to find one) along with the Night Force 5.5-22 x 56 (still need to decide on the options for this optic).

That being said I am not sure what else I need to do to the gun right off the bat. Some people have said get the gun bedded and get a drop in trigger and then play with it for a while until I decide if I want to put more money into this gun... then if I do get the action trued and blueprinted and look into a 7mm barrel and upgrade the bolt lug.

I just want to start slow but want to do things in the correct steps. like picking the correct optic mount and base... I don't even know where to start there.

does anyone want to help a newbie out?


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Nov 4, 2011
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Re: New 700 5R build for newbie

I've had a 700 5R Milspec for a couple years now. I kind of went cheap on the optics by installing a Barska 10-40X50 SWAT scope on a K Farrel G-Force rail type mount. Shoots great even though the optics only set me back less than $300.

The one big change I would recommend for anyone buying this rifle is the trigger assy. Remington's X-Mark pro trigger is OK but only if you don't mind the adjusting screw rubbing the top of your finger on recoil. I replaced it with a Timney unit w/safety.

As for bedding, I skim coated the action bedding block with Devcon 10110 and it made a marked improvement on consistency.

My next project is to modify the stock with an adjustable LOP butplate that also allows for adjusting the "cant".

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Jun 23, 2008
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Re: New 700 5R build for newbie

I would recommend against a 56mm objective on the Nightforce. Just sets the eye height a little high and you will likely need a stock pack even with the 50mm objective. Get that scope as low as possible and still be comfortable.

Try and find someone in your area that has a similar scope and try to get behind it. I HIGHLY recommend a Nightforce scope. If you need a tank-tough optic, it is the best priced option.

Another option you may consider is the new Sightron SIII. They have some scopes with reticles and adjustments that match (moa/moa) and I think even a mil/mil version.

Check out the used section for scopes. There are bargains to be had. I got mine for $1300 delivered.