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Apr 30, 2019
I have spent the last couple months slowly getting into the long range game. I have a lot of experience behind AR15 carbines and have spent a lot of time/energy/money on those style rifles. I have avoided bolt guns because my only experience shooting them in the past was high recoiling rounds. and I would want a bolt gun capable of longer shots. I had some surgeries on my face years ago (cheek and jaw bone) which makes heavy recoil very uncomfortable. I tried my friend's 6.5CM last year and was pleasantly surprised by the low recoil and longer range potential.

Long story short, I ended up getting a Thompson Center Compass in 6.5CM on sale at Cabelas for $240. I put a Surefire break on it for even more recoil reduction. I snagged a fixed 16x SWFA Super Sniper scope and put it on Warne rings. The M-CARBO trigger spring set was also an awesome improvement for little investment.

I am super happy with how this thing shoots. Luckily being on other gun forums has taught me how to find good reviews on products. The Compass and SWFA are great products for the price point. Only complaint on the Compass is the cheesy magazine. I might have to buy another one just in case some little plastic bit breaks on the first one.

I have only taken the rifle out to 200 yards so far. It is an MOA gun for sure. My best 5 shot group at 100 yards was .67" and my best at 200 yards was 1.5". There were obviously a couple groups twice this size as well...... I think the barrel and I are both getting broken in.

Things I need: My bi-pod does not swivel/tilt..... this will need to be resolved. It also seems I might need a bubble level for the scope. I had no idea why people even had those at the range and I guess I somewhat understand it now.

I finally got enough fired brass to start processing it today. I plan on trying out some 140 grn Bergers and H4350. I would like to find a good load before going to longer distances to work on my ballistics chart for the gun. I am also new to reloading, but have a couple friends that all load for multiple calibers, so I have plenty of help.

** Searching this forum for random questions I have had has been a huge help. I look forward to learning a lot more from the huge knowledge base here!


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