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    The Everyday Sniper Podcast: Chris Roberts CR2 Shooting Solutions, Shot Process Discussion

    In this episode of the Everyday Sniper Podcast, Chris Roberts and I talk classes, the Shot Process, and how we go about including the Fundamentals of Marksmanship along with the Shot Process.

    The military breaks it down as SACM, which is Stability, Aiming, Control and Movement. These all include the fundamentals but it also puts them in their proper place or context. We can certainly compromise and a lot of do, the question, where do you compromise, why do you compromise and when you do you recognize the compromise as something that might hinder your shooting.

    We can include the fundamentals along side the process, as everything is a process really. WTF is a shot process, we have Wind, that is wildcard I need to consider that first, then the Target we are shooting, what is the range and the elevation needed to shoot that particular target. Then the fundamentals of marksmanship to put it all together.

    its a mindset thing and we talk a lot about Mindset too


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  • Nov 13, 2020
    Hey @lowlight , what would we need to do at the Precision Rifle Expo to get in on your class or whatever it is you're doing?

    Enjoyed you having Chris on a lot, since its not been long that I got back from his class. To me it just makes sense to apply fundamentals in a situational sense, and thus, its helpful to teach it as such.
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