New South Wales long range FClass champs Australia


Gunny Sergeant
Full Member
Oct 22, 2007
Victoria Australia
Hi all a few people new i was heading interstate 450miles from my state in Victoria to New South Wales to shoot their long range F Class match rifle championships. i am currently the Victorian and Tasmanian championship. the shoot is conducted ovr 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards with 15 shots at 1000, and 1100 aswell as 20 at 1200 yards on the first day and 15 shots at all ranges the seccond range.

i was shooting my Lawton 7500 actioned rifle with a custom Lee Six thumbhole tracker from Bill Shehane made from rare timbers i laminated here in Australia. the Barrel is a Lawton 7mm 9 twist 30" match Barrel no7 profile with 1300 rounds through it without rechambering it will be re chambered this week. I have a barrel tuner on it. I also have a Jewell trigger set at 4oz and a March 10-60X52 long range scope on it.

i ended up winning 3 of the 6 ranges both day agregates, the grand agregate and the 2 1200 yard agregate. so it is 3 from 3 now and have the South Australian championships i want to take and then later this year i will have to defend the Vic championships.

the load i was using was Norma brass day one and Rem Brass day 2, Sierra 175gr 7mm MAtchKings, CCI250 primers and ADI AR2225 powder (Retumbo).

It was a great 2 days shooting and to shoot 20 shot strings at 1200 is a great challange to mitigate the heat that builds up int he barrel and mirrage and wind changes.

Thanks to all that have helped me and supported me in my shooting