Gunsmithing Newb here. Can you guys help me decide on chambering option?


Mar 27, 2013
New to the forum and this is my first custom build, so please bear with me. My smith emailed me last night asking me to decide between 2 chambering options for a 308 win.

Plan to shoot 168 and 175 SMK's hand rolled by me, mostly for target shooting out to about 600 yrds due to range capacity but maybe in the future out even further when I find the right range.

broughton 1/10" twist RH @ a finish length of 18.5"
surgeon 591R

His recommended optional chambers are the following:
1-308 Bisley match
2-308 Palma match

I am not sure if this questions is easily answered but I am pretty sure I cannot so I figured maybe you guys can!


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Nov 16, 2006
Central Missouri
I would go with the Bisley, as it is designed to accept any of the 7.62 NATO rounds. With most of the Palma reamers, it can be questionable whether some of the NATO rounds will chamber. If you're hand loading exclusively, it will not make much difference. Depending on the exact reamer used, the Bisley will probably give you a bit more neck clearance and a slightly longer throat than the Palma reamer. If you are having the reamer made for you, I would contact Dave Kiff at PTG and discuss which brass and which bullets you are looking to shoot, he will be able to tell you which reamer will suit your needs better, or he may decide a custom cut reamer would be better for your setup.