Next 30 cal rifle build caliber help!


Mar 18, 2021
Hi All, looking for some advise on what my next rifle caliber should be. The gun will be used primarily for elk/mule deer hunting in Colorado, Wyoming, etc.

I currently have a .300WM with a 1-10 twist that only gets about 2,750-2,800 fps with Berger 215's and I feel that I could do better. I have about 300 Berger 230's that I plan to run through this new build (or the 215's, we'll see).

I'm strongly considering a .300PRC (1-9 twist) or a 30 Nosler. The real question is, would the PRC be that big of an upgrade to the 300WM? If not, would the 30Nosler or 300NM be?

I have read a bunch of good things on the Nosler, but how is the barrel life for everyone?


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  • Jul 21, 2019
    Just started playing with 30 nosler and I love the design and case. There are a few others that are really loving the 30 nosler. Not sure barrel life yet mine is roughly 250 rounds down the tube and its a target barrel. I like it because brass is available and easy to get. All great options honestly. I'm pushing the 250 a-tip 2783 but pressure was at 2930 and ran a lot at 2880. I did read some uneasy things about short barrel life but you never know. Other guys are having great luck with the berger 245 h-1000 from 2830 to 2900 from 26 inch barrels.


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    Oct 15, 2011
    I run a 30 Nosler. 210VLD Hinter at about 3,050 fps. My accuracy load is 2,930 fps.

    I didnt go 300 PRC because the cartridge is like 3.700” long and needs CIP length magwell and magazines.

    3 buddies run the 300 Norma. Very accurate from what Ive seen. 300 Norma wasn't out when I built my 30 Nosler.

    Norma is king on velocity/power. Uses 338 bolt face,

    300 PRC is just too awkward for me.

    30 Nosler was my compromise. Little mire than 300WM without the belt. I like the case design.

    PS - barrel life is hardly worth trying to compare. The all burn barrels really.
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