NIB Dillon 550C kit with accessories - SOLD!

Fenix Mike

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Aug 19, 2012
Albuquerque, NM
I bought this setup to get back into reloading finally, and I still just dont have the time. Everything is still brand new in its box/package, and I will only sell it together at this time.

Whats included:
Dillon 550C
338 Lapua conversion kit (these are cheap and interchangable, it can run any caliber)
Dillon Roller handle
Dillon Primer Flip Tray
Dillon manual powder funnel - Large
Dillon manual powder die - large
Dillon Tool holder assembly with tools
Dillon Strong mounts for press
Dillon bullet tray for press
Deluxe bullet puller
Dillon machine cover

Using Dillons website, the total is $820 plus shipping for this combo - I will take $750 shipped to CONUS.

HK USP Tactical 9mm (no SD, only tactical)
HK USP Expert 45
HK P30L 9mm SA/DA only with rear decocker (no safety levers)
HK MR762 Geissele rail in black
HK MR556 Geissele full length rail in black
MR762 or MR556 Geissele triggers
Smith and Wesson 500 with 4 or 6.5 inch barrel
Police or Tactical smith and wesson revolvers in .357 Mag or .44 mag with at least 4 inch barrels
Glock 19x
Glock 19 Gen 5.5 (no front magwell cut and has forward serrations on the slide)
Benelli M2 or M4 SBS 14.5 inch
Entertain me with what else.

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