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Do not be left in the dark!
MODArmory goes beyond parts replacement when it comes to repairing and servicing your night vision device.

Diagnostic Service: Trouble shooting your system for any operational defect. Furthermore we can make recommendations for applicable and desirable upgrades. This is accomplished in our in-house electro optical laboratory utilizing current state of the art test equipment and test procedures. Our experienced staff has years of experience in every major system that has been fielded by the US Military. Night Vision Devices such as: AN/PVS-14, AN/PVS-7A/C, AN/PVS-7B/D, AN/PVS-15, AN/PVS-18, ANVIS 6, ANVIS 9, PVS-4 (limited parts availability) and dedicated weapon sights such as the Raptor (limited parts availability).
We also have the ability to service and collimate clip on night vision devices from L3 Insight Technology / Warrior Systems.

Repair Services: Repairs are accomplished in accordance with our extensive current US Military Technical Publications Library (TPL). Our repair work for DOD will be accompanied by an RFI. All repairs are backed by a one year warranty. With a location in Colorado and our business partner I2 Technologies in Idaho the average turn around for the repair of your equipment is less than two to three weeks.

Have you just received your brand new night vision system and you think there maybe something wrong but you are receiving the run around from your re-seller or home built ebay purchase?

From well-known and not so well known night vision companies we have night vision systems sent to us for repair that have been improperly assembled, improperly calibrated and simply not put together right. Many night vision devices have also been sent in for diagnosis when they did not seem to perform as they were told, sold or what their data sheet represented.

Things we do not do: We do not replace a complete housing when all the customer needs is one component of the housing. We do not tell the customer they need a new tube when all they really needed was “The bigger globe, better job", soldering mess evacuated from the EGAC tail pins that was shorting out the MCP.

Exclusivity: Night vision devices purchased from MODArmory or one of our authorized dealers can be sent in once a year for five years for a free cleaning and purging. Units not purchased from MODArmory or are outside of the 5 year time frame can be sent in for $75 to be cleaned, purged and evaluated.

For service or questions about specific repairs please contact MODArmory (719) 325 8070 or email [email protected].
Please provide the following information: night vision device you currently own, the problem and your contact information.
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