Rifle Scopes NightForce rings and bases???


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May 25, 2010
Fort Hood Texas
I have a set of NF rings and bases. I have always used TPS and Ferrel rings and bases before now, even with my NF scopes... Well i just purchased a NF 20 MOA extended base and a set of NF rings for my scope.. the only problem im having is that when i go to mount the rings onto the base, i realised that there is ALOT of play in the size of the bolt that runs thru the 1913 rail.. now when i torque the rings down to 65 in. lbs. they dont move. but what is with all the extra space? With my Ferrel rings and bases, the fit was soo tight that i almost had to use a rubber mallet to get the rings on the base.. I actually liked this because i KNEW the rings werent going anywhere... Are all NF rings undersized in the lock up area?

Jon A

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Nov 13, 2006
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Re: NightForce rings and bases???

They'll work fine, don't worry. Push the rings forward on the rifle so that the crossbolt is up against a lug on the rail and tighten. The back side of the cross bolt doesn't do anything so it's OK if there's a little gap between it and the next lug.