Nordic Components NC22 Review


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Jun 11, 2010
Hays, Kansas
Just got my very own Nordic Components NC22 upper in Wednesday of last week. They just started selling them 7/1/2010. I threw a Mueller Reflex sight on it and hit the range after closing up shop.

The Nordic Components NC22 comes in a couple different varieties you can see here at their website: Nordic Components . I have the 18" with SS barrel

The Nordic Components design is unlike any other makers, as its like a 10-22/AR-22 Hybrid. It uses a Ruger extractor even, AND the firing pin design is different. One "drawback" is it doesn't have a last shot bolt hold open other than the black dog machine magazines that incorporate that into the follower. The biggest worry with these uppers is the possibility of dinging the chamber from the firing pin during dry-fire. Here's how Tim explains how the firing pin is setup:

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Dry fire it all you want......the firing pin does not ding the chamber.

The firing pin hits solid on the back of the bolt....just like a std AR15 firing pin. The cross pin keeps the firing pin from coming out.....again, just like an AR15 firing pin. Our firing pin is basically a shortened AR15 firing pin with a flat point, made to the mat'l and heat treat specs as the AR15 firing the same companies that make the AR15 firing pin. </div></div>


Here's some more pictures/info on the Br...tary bolt setup

I only had a small window of opportunity to hit the range in between work and a storm so...I threw on a Mueller Reflex and hit the range. I ended up with a Mueller APT on it after initial testing.

I shot ~250 rounds through it without a problem. I shot the walmart special 550 packs of Federal and honestly didn't even have a single bad primer, which is rare for that many rounds of the Federal. I might have gotten lucky, or just more solid primer hits, I don't know for sure.


I did controlled mag dumps into the target at 25 yards using the Black Dog Machine 50rd Drum as a monopod, so not a super secure rest by any means
. The action ran super smooth, all I did prior to using was pull it out of a box, squirt a tiny bit of Breakfree CLP on the action and went to the range.

The dot covered up quite a bit of the target, and the conditions were pretty windy. I look forward to shooting some paper with a rest and better ammo as soon as possible to see how the actual accuracy ends up. Doing rapid fire mag-dumps it shot better groups than the Marlin bolt action did beside it using the same ammo.

I went out and shot another ~200 the next night testing to see which ammo I had in hand it liked the best. I shot 30-50 of each ammo type to get a feel for it. So far the Federal Automatch, and Gold Medal shot like crap with lots of flyers. The Wolf Match Target and Match Extra were shooting incredibly well, as in 8-10 shots the size of my pinky at 50 yards. Still had some a couple of flyers but not as bad. Seems like some people are having problems with random flyers? Unsure whats causing them.

I swabbed the barrel with an Otis cleaning cable and a patch with Otis bore cleaner after my "250 break in" rounds, but since have not cleaned the action or the barrel whatsoever. At this point I had ~750 rounds through the upper.

The upper definitely liked the Wolf options the best so far.


Getting the random flyer as some others are reporting as well. Unsure if this is the ammo, myself, or during the feeding process. Other than the occasional ~1/10 flyer it is shooting very solid! These groups were with a front rest but no rear rest, and "stock" military weight trigger. Crisp, but heavy pull.

I easily believe I could get consistent ~.5-.6" groups at 50yds with the Wolf Ammo with a good rest and 5 shot groups and a better trigger.

The weight/feel of the upper is great with the APT but it is definitely not a carbine feel with the 18" barrel, and larger optics uptop. With the standard 18" barrel and the reflex it had the weight/handling of a carbine. I can shoot it off-hand with the APT, but its better to have a rest of course.

I have had a handful of FTE. They didn't completely clear the upper. These ONLY happened with the "match" ammo, and I believe it is just the sub-sonic ammo and the reduced power for cycling the action as solidly. I believe this would be corrected with a reduced recoil spring. I just got in my reduced recoil spring, but haven't had a chance to test it yet. The FTE's happened generally immediately after switching from bulk ammo over to match. Once the first magazine was through the firearm then it didn't have problems. The following round still chambered, but the spent casing just didn't clear the action all the way.


Here she is mounted up with a Mueller APT and Burris 30MM P.E.P.R mount

Thus far I've put 1000 rounds through my NC22 without cleaning the action or any lube besides a light squirt of Breakfree CLP to start with. I haven't had a single jam that was action related even with cheap ammo
. This is <span style="font-weight: bold">0 Problems</span>, not even a single FTF. This wacks primers really awesome! I've never had this good of luck with the Federal bulk packs out of any 22.

I had a few FTE with a skinny mag I came across in my stash of magazines but I switched right over and ran through 2 fullbody 26rd mags without a problem, so I believe it is just a troublesome magazine. I had problems with it on my CMMG Ciener conversion as well.

Here is what the bolt looks like after 1000 rounds of primarily Federal bulk pack, along with a smorgasbord of Aguila, Wolf, Winchester, etc.


The principle behind this system of not using gas impingement like a traditional AR upper, and using the recoil generated by the firing is much more reliable! I haven't had a single problem, and the action inside looks even less dirty than the bolt. I feel it could probably go another 1000 rounds without cleaning before it gives any troubles, and that'd be most likely attributed to just the buildup on the bolt face. A scrape of the bolt face would probably get it going another 1000+ rounds without a hiccup.

This is hands-down the most reliable 22LR I've ever shot
...and it drops on an AR lower and it has great accuracy too :bthumb:

I fed some Aguila Super Extra 38gr copper plated HP high velocity stuff through it last night and those shot pretty good. They were ~.6-.7" at 50 yards. These will be my new "go to" round for any live critters. Its got a pretty good thwack, and has shot the best out of all the supersonic.

Overall I'm super impressed for a $500 pricepoint on a really reliable, accurate dedicated upper!