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NRA High Power Match: November 12


Feb 14, 2021
NRA High Power Rifle Match: November 12.
Last NRA High Power match of 2023. Any center fire rifle used by any military in the last 130 years, or a commercial version of one, is eligible. No better way to improve your skills than competition! We have room for more competitors, come on out and give it a try.

Firing line is covered for inclement weather!
Sponsored by: Wildlife Committee of Washington (NRA Club C4841)
Location: 1031 228thStreet SW Bothell, WA 98021, Chalet and Range 1
Competition open to: Any eligible competitor, you need not be a member of the NRA, CMP or the sponsoring club. Entry Fee: $10 fee for all competitors
Entries Close: 9:30 AM–Registration Opens at 9:00 AM. Firing Starts: 9:45 AM
Rules: Current Edition of NRA High Power Rules

Course of Fire: Firing is from 100 yards. Targets (SR-1, SR-21 and MR-31) are reduced scale per NRA rule 4.2. Course of Fire is a National Match Course (50 shots) per rule 7.14. Competitors will have the option to fire two sighting shots before each stage.
Standing: 10 Rounds Slow Fire 10 minutes, Sitting or Kneeling: 10 Rounds Rapid Fire 60 seconds
Prone: 10 Rounds Rapid Fire 70 seconds, Prone: 20 Rounds Slow Fire 20 minutes
Rifles: Per NRA Rule 3, competition is open to Service Rifles (Rule 3.1), Any rifle (Rule 3.2), NRA Match Rifle (Rule 3.3), US Palma Rifle (Rule 3.3.1) and NRA any sight match/tactical rifle (Rule 3.3.2 with restrictions per rule 3.3.2.a).
Awards: None. Upon request, NRA Score Record Books per rule 19.14 are available for competitors that do not have a regular NRA classification.
Club Website –http://www.wcwshootingsports.org/
Contact – Martin Morehouse [email protected] 425-765-0253